Why Choose Us?
Who we are?

The East India Drums & Barrels Mfg.Co. is promoted by Mr. Madhav Valia, having specialized knowledge in Economics and Finance, coming from business family, he had an opportunity to manage the workshop for manufacturing MS & GI Drums & Barrels and also had experience of managing supply chain, Logistics and sale after services, etc.


East India Drums & Barrels Mfg.Co., Industrial Packaging has an in house Technology and Product development Center engaged in innovative work for design of new products.


What we do?

WE offer products such as the 200/210 litre capacity MS & GI Barrels and 20litre to 25 litre capacity of MS & GI Drums for packaging of:

Lubricating Oils & Greases


Transformer Oil

Chemicals & Agro Chemicals

Food & Fruit Products


Bitumen emulsion.

Tel:- + 91 93200 22525